Cloud Going Mainstream

I know it’s been said before but I do believe that this really is the year – the tipping point – for the cloud to go mainstream.

My “aha” moment was last week.  I was invited to be on two local TV shows – one here in San Francisco, one in Phoenix.  For both the topic was basically about organizing your digital life using the cloud.  This is the time of year for New Years resolutions about getting organized so timing is perfect for that topic.  The reality is that the cloud is an excellent tool to help people get organized (more on that in another post)

But back to the “aha” – it occurred last week when I was in the studio for the filming.  It was the 3:00 show 7Live hosted by Brian Copeland.  Here’s how they describe themselves.  “We take an unconventional look at the news that has people talking including tech, pop culture, entertainment and politics.”   The topics that preceded me were Iowa Caucus results, marriage proposal on the jumbotron at the UCLA game, and a dating service.  I was followed by a live a cappella group.  Watching all of this in the studio it hit me that others are seeing the cloud not just for the tech nerds (like me) but for them including the most non tech nerd daytime TV demographic.  It was great to hear my non-techie friends that tuned in react to the show.  They are going to try it.  After all – they have the key ingredients – devices and data.

My interview from KGO is posted here

We are now pitching SugarSync for more of these shows and the response has been enthusiastic – I’ll keep this blog updated but I will be interviewed live next week on shows in Sacramento, Chicago and Dallas.