Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made? Views from the Life of a “Made” Entrepreneur

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When we talk about entrepreneurs – a certain image comes to mind.  This person we imagine usually has a few common elements.  She takes a tremendous amount of initiative, is willing to take risks and embodies the leadership to bring together the capital and resources for the organization and the management skills to see the initiative through.  They will pursue their goal without regard to the resources they currently have yet they must be practical and action-oriented.

With the success and attention garnered by several highly successful entrepreneurs who dropped out of or barely graduated from college to start their companies, we begin to think that that is the typical entrepreneurial model and that, given their youth and relative inexperience, their success was inborn.

The reality though is that – while these young, apparently inborn entrepreneurs are exciting – the data show that they are still rare exceptions, as opposed to the norm, and that in fact entrepreneurs are created by a life full of experiences.

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