Sleep or Football

No, I have not taken up 6:00am Football, nor am I watching it on late night TV.  Despite the irony of my having met many famous pro-football players (more on that in another post) I am blissfully ignorant about the game.  I cheer loudly, take pictures of my sons while playing, chat with the other families, and, most of all, pray for no serious injuries.

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago entitled “Sleep or School”.  The basic point was that juggling parenting and work is sometimes really hard – there are only 24 hours in the day and sometimes that juggle means giving up sleep.  Well our family had a similar issue this week, only this time, I got 40 winks in my bed and my husband got 5 hours of sitting straight up on a plane with his eyes closed trying to approximate sleep.

The situation was not very complicated.  The HBS Health Care Alumni conference started today in Boston.  My son’s high school football game was yesterday afternoon.  My husband absolutely loves attending the kids’ sports events and helps the coach out quite a bit doing the “stats”.  This conference is interesting for him both from a content and networking point of view (he is CEO of a healthcare startup).  Due to lack of human cloning technology the only solution was the “redeye”.  The point being that juggling work and family is not just a woman’s issue.