Sleep or School?

Classic working parent dilemma – important business meeting tomorrow morning in Minneapolis – back-to-school night tonight at my sophomore son’s high school. You know…the meeting where the teachers go over the syllabus, lay out their expectations for the year etc. Given that this is tenth grade of child number 4 I figure that between the two of us we have the equivalent of 49 nights of back-to-school night under our belt. My husband can definitely cover back-to-school night. When we had two in high-school we split up for the evening and each covered one. But…it’s never the same as if you hear it for yourself. More importantly, for Adam it’s his first (and hopefully only) Sophomore year. I may know Ms. Portman and her curriculum for world history but does it send the right message if I blow it off? With enough coffee, I can manage to be alert after a redeye. So the choice is school not sleep – I really didn’t need to think about it.

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