Come Together

I am often filled with doubt when it comes to the belief part of organized religion but I have absolute confidence in the wisdom of organized, ritualized milestone events to strengthen families.  This weekend was one such event.  My niece and nephew celebrated their B’nai-Mitzvah – the Jewish coming of age ceremony and all of my children and my parents trekked across the country to attend.  Margot didn’t question missing her freshman year Dartmouth homecoming and Derek, Jess, Todd and Emmanuelle made the sacrifices to get ahead enough in their school work to take a weekend off the medical school and phd intensity to come home. There was no discussion of priorities – they were obvious and understood by everyone in the family.

I’m still on a high from the weekend.  Being all together is such a special treat – especially appreciated now that most of the kids live on the east coast.  I love seeing how they interact – sharing their experiences, advising each other.  I think the highlight was watching Adam and Todd “review film” (a technical sports term I’m told) from the various football games of the season.  They were/are both linemen and the grin on Adam’s face hearing his brother compliment his playing was priceless.

As with most childhod milestones, I think the adjustment to emptying nest and the excitement of reunions is universal to both stay-at-home and work-outside-the home-moms.  So I know all my mom (and dad) friends can understand my excitement for Thanksgiving!

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