I Love Paris in the Autumn

One of the things I enjoy about working in technology is that it is such an global phenomenon so international travel is part of my job.  I love traveling for vacation with my family as a tourist but there is something special about going for business and working with the locals.  We announced a major partnership with Orange (the former France Telecom) last June so we were back getting ready for the launch.  It’s been great working with and getting to know their team and of course it doesn’t hurt ending the work day with dinner at a typical French bistro.  From years of doing business internationally I am also lucky to have friends in many cities in the world and Paris is not exception.  I went out to dinner with one of my former sales managers from Check Point – it was great to compare notes on the industry as well as catch up on kids and family – all over a great dinner.  I got to sneak out between work and dinner for a gorgeous walk around the Tuileries and over to St Germain for a bit of shopping and galerie browsing.  A work day that includes a walk down the Rue de Rivoli in the sunshine can’t be bad.

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