Mt Tallac

As I wrote previously we’re trying to get in some longer more challenging hikes in preparation for Whitney. One of the goals is to hike at elevation – this requires some driving when you live at sea level.

Yesterday we hiked what I believe is one of the more spectacular hikes I’ve ever done – it is called Mount Tallac. The entrance is near the south shore of Lake Tahoe. It is about a 5 mile hike to the summit and gains about 3500 feet of elevation topping out at nearly 10,000 feet. Good overview of the hike is here.

The beginning of the trail is in the trees – gorgeous scent of pine and other parts of the forest. It is part of the “Desolation Wilderness” though it is definitely not desolated in the summer – we saw lots of hikers. Picture at the entrance About 2.3 miles in is Cathedral lake – pretty stop and Adam took a swim here on the way down.

The mile after Cathedral Lake is tough – very steep and difficult footing. In fact the footing on most of the trail is challenging – lots of loose rocks. About three quarters of the way up you are treated to this view:

Unfortunately you look up and still need to climb this part to get to the summit.The reward is great at the top – we took a long break and had a picnic lunch. I make a low-carb exception after a 5 mile climbs J.

The loose rocks made our descent a little slower than we expected but all in all a wonderful day. This is definitely going in the books as a must repeat hike.