CEO Olympics

Like many of you our family has enjoyed watching a bit of the Olympics.  While I’m usually not one to watch much TV in the evening I’ve enjoyed a few hours of watching the games.  My favorites are the gymnastics (both men and women) as well as anything else acrobatic – diving, jumping etc.  My least favorite is swimming and beach volleyball.  Despite the heavy “schmaltz” factor I also enjoy learning about the athletes, their personal stories and obstacles they’ve overcome.  I’m sure these are popular because many of us can find analogies to similar issues we’ve faced.  While we’re on the topic of analogies – I think there are many analogies between Olympic events and being a startup CEO here in the valley.  Apologies in advance for my corny sense of humor J

  • Hurdle – you can’t just run, there are constant obstacles that come your way.
  • Synchronized swimming – the whole team needs to be in sync on the plan and goals.
  • Balance Beam – tricky staying in balance between work and personal life.
  • Fencing – sometimes it feels like a lonely fight.
  • Uneven bars – you have to let go.
  • Volleyball – you aim high but sometimes you need to dive to sure your spot on the court is covered.  When you’re a CEO, you’re a team player but you also have specific duties.
  • Discus – sometimes it feels like your spinning in circles but that time can also be where you get your power and figure out the plan and then release.
  • Equestrian events – both men and women compete together and at a wide range of ages.
  • Long jump – leap stretch and even contort to get that last inch.
  • 10k – you must go fast but you need to do it for 25 laps
  • Archery – best to never lose sight of the bullseye.
  • Soccer – a full roster is 18 – business is a team sport of at least that many.

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