Competitive Energy

It’s been an exciting week in the Cloud business.  Microsoft and Google both entered the market to compete directly against SugarSync with new products.  I wrote about the Google Drive offering here.

Despite being physically tired from the wedding I worked late the last couple of nights writing the blog post, responding to questions, and talking to everyone about the state of the cloud market from journalists to board members.  I reflected on it as I went to bed last night and I realized how competitive market challenges are energizing to me.  This is in contrast to the typical big-company, political people challenges that consumed lots of my time earlier in my career – those seemed to sap my energy while this one sparks it.

I think we had some of our most thoughtful, creative and strategic discussions at SugarSync in the last few days prompted by these competitive actions.  Maybe this is obvious but it points to why competition is good and why the wealth of competition has led to so much innovation in the technology industry.  When an industry has many players all trying to out-innovate and out-perform each other we are kept on our toes and it is the customer who wins.

Competition also adds energy and even growth to the market.  Yesterday was our biggest day of signups in our history.  Game on!