Got Ambition?

“Got Ambition?” as first appeared in December 13, 2011  Preview here:

I recently stumbled upon a women and workplace survey from MORE magazine which raises the question of the ambition of women, and lays out data from the survey related to what we really want from our careers. A few stats especially caught my eye, including “When asked point-blank, 43 percent of women described themselves as less ambitious now than they were 10 years ago; only 15 percent reported feeling more ambitious.”

I discussed this with a fellow (woman) colleague and we both reached the conclusion that from our experience woman are not less ambitious, just giving voice to our conflicted emotions while we seek the ideal work-life balance for our stage in life.

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2 thoughts on “Got Ambition?

  1. I love the kitchensync.
    The issue you write about is not a simple one. On the one hand the article reports on a “survey”, but there is no real information given about the survey, and therefore it is impossible to determine the validity of the “statistics” they report.
    Your “survey” is just two people.
    I think ambition is just a very personal phenomenon that is built on many factors.
    I can see exploring ambition for gender differences, but basically it is still going to boil down to the individual… matter man or woman.

    • The beginning of the article links to the survey I was talking about. I agree that this data is hard to interpret but it was actually a large survey.

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