If it’s important do it in the morning

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I am not a religious person in the strict sense of belief in god but religion has always been a big part of my identity and family life and I believe it offers many important life lessons.  When at a recent family event, the Rabbi gave a sermon about being in a hurry to do “Mitzvot” (translated as commandments and/or good deeds).  His point was, if something is really important, you should move with alacrity to do it.  More specifically you should do the most important things first, if possible, in the morning.

This lesson applies to so many aspects of life.   It is one of the foundational principles of the agile development process (scrum) that we use here at SugarSync and I work on it with my children (homework before video games).  Work in priority order even if it’s tempting to “knock off” lower priority quicker tasks.

I have found a recent application of this principle in my personal life.  I have always been a regular weekend exerciser but despite many New Year’s resolutions and some fits and starts of after-work workouts, I never became a regular weekday exerciser.   The research is very clear, however, that morning exercisers are more consistent.  I knew this and my excuse had been that I am not a morning person – I have been a night owl since childhood.  At the same time I know that if I need to get up early I do – be it for work, a flight, a child needing me – I can do it, I just don’t like to.  So really the morning exercise excuse was question of prioritization.  I finally made up my mind that it was enough of a priority to set my alarm get up early.  I’m 4 months into this new routine (at least 3 weekdays per week) and I’m glad to be doing it.   At least once I get going J

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