Green Cadillac

A funnier side to the first year story popped into my head when I was thinking back on that year.

Derek and Todd were in school – Kindergarten and second grade – so for a big chunk of the day our nanny Susan was home alone with Margot.  We lived quite close to the office.  Susan would bring Margot to the office every day during my lunch time so that I could nurse her.  At the time we had a 1978 green Sedan Deville as our nanny car, a hand-me-down gift from Steve’s grandmother.  It fit the bill perfectly – big, comfy and, hopefully, safe but it truly looked like a ghetto car – something like this

She would park in the far corner of the parking lot and I would feed the baby in the car.  Then I would go back to my desk and go back to work.

After several months of this one of the sales managers who had a window-office overlooking the above-mentioned parking lot called me into his office.  He sat me down and began to tell me that he “knew about my problem” had “faced a similar problem himself” and wouldn’t tell my manager if I “got help.”  Of course I had no idea what he was talking about.  After a few moments of my blank stare he said “you know, your drug problem.”  He told me that he had observed my daily visit to the dealer’s car.  Of course I promptly burst out laughing and when I calmed down told him that, in fact, I did not have a drug habit, just a habit of being with my baby during lunch.  I explained why and he still wanted to know why a bottle at home wouldn’t suffice.  When I started to describe some of the realities of breastfeeding he became red-faced with embarrassment and shooed me out of his office.  I still chuckle when I picture his face.

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