Heading off to college


Today is a big day in the Yecies home.  Chickadee number 3 is leaving the nest on the redeye tonight.  My daughter Margot is heading off to college – she will be a freshman at Dartmouth.  Legions of parents before me know how bittersweet this moment is.  I’m so proud of her accomplishments and independence and don’t wish for some alternative.  But I also know, having gone through this twice before, that our family unit is forever altered.

I was all set to write a blog post this morning about how the cloud is going to help us stay connected – sharing photos etc. but the reality is she is going to be living 3094 (yes I mapped it) miles away in New Hampshire.  Not kissing me goodbye when she walks out the door.  Not sitting across from me at the dinner table, not doing our girl stuff or hanging out on the weekend.  Her room is strangely neat as 5 duffle bags of her stuff sits in the hallway.  Why was I always bugging her to clean her room? Right now I wish it were messy and full with her in it.  No technology, certainly not the cloud, changes the feelings of this transition.

4 thoughts on “Heading off to college

  1. I don’t see coffee in your “kitchen sink” – there has to be a cup of coffee, or it is not the sink of Laura Yecies.

  2. Ahh…look in the upper right. There is a 1/2 pound bag of Blue Bottle Coffee 🙂 but you’re right a cup would have been better for the picture. I’ll try to remedy that.

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