Let’s get it started

Isn’t that the best advice for any project that seems hard?  A blog is no different so I’m starting here and now.

Welcome to my blog.

A brief explanation on the name.  Merriam Webster says the Kitchen Sink implies being made up of “a hodgepodge of disparate elements or ingredients”.  Often times I feel that life, or at least my life, is sort of a Kitchen Sink – work, kids, travel and other activities. I love the mixture, though I’m always trying to get it more organized and “in sync” – hence the Kitchen Sync.  Not to mention the fact that my company is all about syncing your digital life.

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately.  I get a lot of enjoyment from all of the ones I read regularly – but more than enjoyment, some have had such significant impact on me both personally and professionally that I thought it was my turn to contribute.  I hope that you enjoy my blog, but even more, I hope that I can share something from my experiences that will benefit you.

9 thoughts on “Let’s get it started

  1. Good luck with your new challenge…..I will follow it.

    The blog looks very good so far. The picture of your kitchen sink is great.

    Not wild about the music clip.

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